Wednesday, January 5, 2011

South Bound

When a person rolls into town on an iron donkey people ask questions. We must look like a couple of lost gypsies.

Buggy (unaffectionate bike name) has a massive yellow bag mounted on a single axle trailer with a broken rear fender that rubs on the wheel. Kitchen equiptment and other essential crap hang off in all directions. We must look lost, but we seem to be making a lot of friends this way.

Rodrigo is a guide here in Pucon. He popped out as soon as our wheels stopped rolling and offered a place to pitch the tent. Yesterday he took us up a dirt road towards volcano Villarica. We crossed three ridges and swooped up through several different glacial fed rivers before ditching the bikes and hiking up to a waterfall. Rigo is full of life and knowledge. He´s a guide on the volcano and super fit local adventure buddy.

We are tentatively planning to race the Ironman Pucon 70.3 here on the 16th. The town is nestled between a massive lake and subtropic mountains. We´ll be running wild and free in the mountains until race morning.

Becky is still working on a name for her steed, but I think she´s settled for Julio.

Post race we will tour all the way south.


Mirjam said...

Becky and Andrew!
Lovely to have you in our little hostel! I´m always inspired by biking travellers and will follow your adventures!

Safe travels and saludos
Becky: we´ll keep in touch for a girls biking tour!!! :)

Love Mirjam

AndrewS.Fast said...

For certain, Mirjam. We have made it through the Andes and are working at pace to publish another posting. more photos and words to come on our tour from pucon through the Andes to San Martin des Los Andes shortly

Michelle said...

Hello Andrew and Becky...Great start I am so excited for you on this amazing ride Cheers! Michelle

AndrewS.Fast said...

Michelle! You should see my home-made backpack. Took the yellow bag seen in the above picture, loaded it with more stuff and hoisted it on to my shoulders with a prima-loft coat to soften the straps.
The wind here is mind-boggling.