Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Running and Snow Shoes

Next time I decide to race Snow Shoe Nationals I may try running--in snowshoes--before Nationals.  A a 10km race with spring loaded circular metal ring things attached to your feet at 10,000ft--didn't know a 10km could be the same type of pain as a half marathon and take almost as long to complete.  The things our friends make us do. Peer pressure is under appreciated in endurance sport.
The start

The first three minutes where incredible. Then. It. Went. Hypoxic. 

Amber and Ryan are the dots in lower left.  
Our idea of a good time:
AM: Easy morning spinout
PM: 10km Snow Shoe Nationals at Snow Basin (9,000ft)

Superior Peak, UT

Approach to Superior

Fresh air and endorphin; purest stuff on earth
AM: 4 hour ride with over an hour of tempo work
Off the bike: 4 hour snow shoe run/climb/traverse up Superior Peak (approx. 4,000ft of gain at 10,000ft)

2AM: 4hr Practice Exam for the boards (physical therapy)
6AM: 2,000ft run up Weowna Mountain from back door
11AM: Up and over and back--Grandour Peak via West face approach (7,000ft total vert gain)
6PM: Beers

Girls get tired. 

From the back door

Although snow shoeing is typically reserved for folks who can't ski, a slick corn snow layer over a good crust make for a darn fun cruise back the car.

We be livin.

Me, Ryan, and Amber. Reconnecting and doing what we do; competing. 

8th at Snow Shoe Nationals. Alycia Hill.