Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Over the Andes

1. They take Mate tea very serious in these parts

2. The Bob trailers are rad but check these guys out! Argentines with no passports touring around thier beautiful county with home welded...things.

3. Dude outsite Hostel/camp in traditional town of Esquel (think Winthrop/Montana)

4. This couple has been touring for 4 years!

5. El Bolson: farmers markets and a lot of relaxed type folk

We have gone from the mountain weather of Bariloche, down the tailwinds to El Bolson and into the headwind to Esquel. All these places are in Argentina. In reading Bruce Chatwins, In Patagonia and the Lonely Paranoid (Lonely Planet) about Butch Cassady´s last whereabouts it seems we may have camped, urinated and cooked in or near his front yard.

We then rode into the wind to Futalafu. The river is clear and big water. There are several guides here from the river I used to work on. The town in not near anywhere so not much for tourists but the terrain is out of this world. We rode over the Andes and ended up here. In two days time we´ll be on the Carretta Austral. Near the Pacific once again and in the sub-tropic jungle. The above pictures is a sequence from Bariloche to here.

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