Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Eastern Sierra

Up in La Sal Mountains. Watchin' the clouds roll in and we'll watch 'em roll away again.
Truckee Trails

Nasty grade. Good views.
You're awake. You're alive. Live like it.
Opening day at Whitmore Pool. Really good to catch up with some amazing folks.
First big day in Moab.  Came out of the pool around 7am and it was 75 degrees; started out on the La Sal loop with the Moab Fondo. By 12noon there'd been rain, then hail, then sun, then crazy winds on the decent back into the valley.  Feeling that weather worked and heading out for a run off the bike along the Colorado river. Best part of about the mountains? They're not predictable.
Canyon Lands

Salad mixed in a bag for dinner again?
Time for an ice float.

Mountain Dew in Mammoth.

Giant TCR = heightened experience 
Time for a snow melt shower. 

June Lake

June Lake


Fashion and sanity go down hill the longer a person is on the road...or is it the opposite?

Synced up with Mammoth Track Clubs open practice. Very nice people. 

I played with snakes while Alycia ran on the track.

Once a swimmer always a swimmer. 

Near a mom and pop ski hill outside Truckee. Managed to put together around 8,000ft of climbing in under 5.5hrs. 

Truckee Trails

Truckee Trails

Truckee and Donner Lake were very good to us. Incredible running. 

About to jump in Donner Lake after a 7 hour training day. A little loopy. 

Grown up playground

Ice bath in June Lake.

Truckee Trails

From camp on Colorado River. 

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