Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Champagne snow, red dirt, and desert solitaire

Switchbacks are good for the soul. #dowork
Snow Canyon: No Knickers Required
50 degrees is the new 80 (in January)

Angels Landing: before the going gets tough

Approached Angels Landing from visitor center at first light
Full pack of Snickers bars required

Near Gunlock, UT: endless road, big sky, and no stop lights

Gunlock, UT

Heading out of Gunlock: the more you climb the better the view.
Granite, Sandstone, and Basalt all within a stones throw; the complete package for rock hounds

2016 Giant TCR: hands down one of the best performance builds on the market

More rock than you can shake a stick at.

A happy bike is like a dog smiling; it happens, you just have to look closely. 

Sunrise pre run coffee views; get psyched.

Good God it took a lot of effort to get this view.

What a gift.

My partner in crime.  Luckiest guy on earth.

Virgin River

Drove the mile long tunnel approximately 3.5 times. Little hourglass views every 500ft. Damn thing is Splash Mountain for grown ups.

Nearing sunset: 15mi run, 20mi run, 2mi hike-->good quality of life and a lot of fresh air

Love is simple and that is why I like it. 


Follow the red brick road. Kalob Canyon = Underrated. If you didn't know now you know. Go.

Kalob Canyon

Kalob Canyon

Kalob Canyon

Excited Trouble

Hungover? Maybe. Charging? Definitely. 

Motley Crew

Lunch is for softies. Overpriced everything. #stoleyourcoffee

Wind loaded

Oli the Alaskan.

Peele. Best adventure buddy. Ever.

Big lines to be had.

Big lines being had.

Above all else, enjoy the ride. 
PS-I want everyone to live life to the fullest; drink it up. In order to do that we need to stay healthy.  When you are healthy, you are happy. In the name of happiness I put together a few exercises I incorporate into my routine, those exercises (grammatical errors included)  can be found here.  Be healthy, be happy.

Until next time. 
Your pal,

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