Monday, June 30, 2014

Shaved Legs and Chest Hair

"I completely underestimated our route,"  She started out.  "It took a couple days of climbing just to get to the next town, camping along the way.  Then the rain came--so miserable--riding up hill all day then crawling into wet gear.  We got worked by the mountains, but it was awesome.  I want to go back."  There was a lightness to her voice.  It was easy to tell the memories of camping under a bright moon, descending long hills with the sun, and the calmness of the mountains in the morning will stick with her for years to come.

A few years ago I lent this friend a circa 1980's steel frame Team Fuji bicycle, shifters on the down tube, nice big lugs typical of that time--a school bus on two wheels compared to bikes of today.  She had fractured her knee and wanted to get fit without the pain of running.  And so it began--that indescribable passion for pedaling--as fast as legs will allow, racing friends, or exploring new terrain via human power.  Having something in your life to look forward to everyday is important.  Having that 'thing' be fueled by endorphins, culture, and fresh air is awesome.

Now, this friend mounts the steel frame Fuji for Tuesday night hammer rides with a group, she's the only girl and the guys are all on carbon frames.  She has completed two self-contained tours tours on the bike, on routes she made up herself through mountain ranges she'd never been.  On July 20th at 7:00AM this friend and her iron donkey will embark on their first Half Ironman--please send them positive energy.

Last weekend I was 5th Male Pro at Ironman Mont-Tremblant 70.3, and I can't help but believe my progress up to this point is a direct result of others showing me the way.

Above all else, just keep pedaling.  It's simple.

Your Pal,

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