Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Thoughts

I was on an evening jog and started thinking, as I do.

The couple inches of mushy snow and stealth potholes were in an odd way like deep sand and tide pools. The mist was cold but thick, like the highlands of Northern Laos. Maybe it’s the holiday hype or the anniversary for one of many pilgrimages, regardless, late last night gathered around the Winter Solstice bonfire in the middle of the mountains with gypsies, transients and friends I was reflecting.

“Where was I this day last year and how am I different?”
A sip of spiced tea and I responded plainly, “I was alone”.
I’d ridden the Iguana across a couple countries and spent Christmas day up in the air heading from Vietnam to Thailand, alone.


I landed in Leavenworth, Washington. Now on Sunday evenings it’s music with my farmer friend, Grant, do dinner with the foodies during the week and explore the hills in my backyard daily to keep perspective.

The cold-like symptoms of the economy provoked a go at corporate business. I needed an idea as a vehicle to drive conversations with people that inspire me. Drishti “Focus on Efficiency” is the name and slogan silk-screened on bags I design and produce for athletes who play often. I am learning as I go.

Upon last night’s debauchery and the propaganda of “Christmas,” one thing is for sure—it is relationships that will carry us through.

A couple stories bringing people from the grass-roots level to the forefront are tentative; I will post them here:

I chose the Gunnison Endurance Project (http://wiki.western.edu/ess/index.php/Gunnison_Endurance_Project)


Solvang Triathlon Camps (http://www.solvangtriathloncamps.com/)

because Scott and Charlie are subscribing to a holistic and personal effort.

Get’n busy livin’

Your pal,



Vivvi said...

As always your blogs are heart-felt and meaningful. You're really an awesome guy and, don't forget, my door is always open if you feel like another adventure. Budapest is a good place to start.

Merry Christmas, Andy!

You. Me. Everyone In between. said...

Hey Andy! I remember a couple X-mas times ago we were at Vivvi's parents house having dinner, nice wine and sharing some stories. It was so fun to catch up with you and her. You are an inspirational writer, and I hope you continue with your adventures. See you somewhere on the globe! Happy New year!